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Phoenix Rising Book, Soul Asylum Poetry Music, Radio Show WhistleOur Poets' Spotlight Show
Highlighting 3 amazing poets, all with new books on the way, and one with a new book just released!!!

The Poets... Ann Carruth Donoghue, Margaret Werner, Dennis John Ferado

The Music: Allie Carroll, Katerine Stella, Jann Klose, Imagine Dragons, Julian Lennon, Beatles, Blue October, Danger Mouse, Embee Normann, Her Space Holiday....

and many more...

This is the show that had technical difficulties during first play from Whistle Radio. You can enjoy now direct from our site with this link.
Click on the image to open the Showcase player and it enjoy it online now. SHOWCASE
Runtime is two hours.


Soul Asylum Poetry is Proud to be a part
of another amazing CD! Bullying can happen to anyone.
Together we can create a safe school environment &
community for our children. These artists understand
the emotions connected to bullying. Enjoy their helpful
hints & reflections in this amazing collection.

And..... a 2nd Grammy Nomination !!
A little child’s play with a grown-up message has garnered a second Grammy nomination for publisher Ken Cowle of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing.

Read the full press release here in PDF
or online at York Region News - HERE

Please Click Here and Help Support this Great Cause!

Give a Miracle a Chance

Give a Miracle a Chance (G.A.M.E.) is a Canadian Registered Charity supported by Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing Inc. We hope you'll learn about this hardworking organization and help them bring a special needs school to our area.
Give A Miracle A Chance is a CRA registered charity #: 82458 3017 RR0001

St. Patrick's Day Show SpecialEnjoy our St. Patrick's Day Special, an encore presentation that is one of our listeners' favorites from the very first strike of the bell. Celts rejoice! Get out the green! This is two hours of mystery and spirit from the isles, from a time almost forgotten and including the writers and musicians of our time.

This show is available on line to be played at your leisure. Play it Now.

Soul Asylum Poetry & Double K Records are Proud to be a Part!


New York Coalition for Healthy School Foods

A collection of music and spoken word, a way to share the fun of eating healthy!

Released AUGUST 27, 2010

This two disc audio compilation will retail for only $10.00! Order your copy today!

All proceeds benefit New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, a statewide non-profit that has actually helped schools all over the US!



Our Own Freddy Will, Ken Cowle, Kat Stiles, and Arlynn Mackie

Just 4 of the Artists Highlighted on this Grammy Nominated CD!

GRAMMY NOMINATED!               

Ken Cowle, Freddy Will two of the artists featured on the Grammy Nominated CD Healthy Food For Thought Good Enough to Eat...

"What do you get when you put together a team of the best audio chefs? A delicious menu from Healthy Food For Thought: Good Enough To Eat! Our friends have prepared a wholesome feast for your ears – all made with a dash of hope, a spoonful of wit, and a heaping cup of joy. We know you will be delighted with these fun-filled offerings, so enjoy – and come back for more!"

"This is a melting pot of Grammy winning and children’s award-winning artists who have contributed their time and talent for this funny, charming, whimsical and touching double CD compilation. The menu of styles and expressions cook up a variety of unique recipes. The spoken words are sprinkled with songs that present the importance of healthy eating in a tasty, playful and enjoyable way. To support initiatives regarding nutrition and childhood obesity awareness, all of our profits regarding this project go to the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food." www.healthyschoolfood.org


Check out these Great New Releases Below!


My Nightingale!

Barbara V Fidler!


Arlynn Mackie, is our youngest published authors to date, an incredible writer who’s depth of emotion and ability to create characters and stories that grab the reader from the get go, caused us to jump at the chance to publish Arlynn’s first Novel, “No Nonsense” and we couldn’t be more proud!

You will be glued to this book once you have cracked the pages... A modern day “Oliver Twist” with several twists along the way! A story of loss, lonliness, and growth. The search to belong, and to be part of a real family! This book has it all!


Brand New "Pages"

Raymond Anderson!


We are

writers, artists & musicians helping each other to achieve our artistic goals


To join our family as a full member

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Check out the Healthy Food for Thought page on Facebook! Please join!


Help save the planet!

Think GREEN!




Books and

Writers' Profiles!

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Victim, Victorious!


Antoinette Denise Johnson

Angelwowings antoinette johnson profile at Soul Asylum Poetry poet writer artists musicians filmmakers home





Ronnie Enoch



Quarter Moon


Patches Of Life

by Donna Lynn Tanner

Patches of Life at Soul Asylum Poetry Donna Lynn Tanner aka lassiebaby


Richard A Rousay

Richard A Rousay at the Soul Asylum Poetry Playground, get your copy of Quest for the Troll Queen here at the Soul books and boutique



Mist of the Mountain

by Mary Griffin Frese

Mist of the Mountain by Mary Griffin Frese available here at Soul Asylum Poetry



Nanci Rubin

Nanci Rubin Profile








Dear One,

Where Have You Been?


Emilia Nikola Young

Take this journey with award winning poet Emilia Nikola Young as she brings to life her travels with creative flair and style.



Now Available!

Click Book To Order!

Poetry Echoes Though The Ages

Searching the history of poetry is to discover a language connecting people throughout the centuries. Poetry appears on records of most literate cultures and can be found on monoliths, rune stones and stele. Joree Williams has studied different poetic forms from many countries, and has chosen examples to help you as you search for your poetic voice.

Some poems were selected as n example of the sameness in all societies; while others were chosen as they have no counterpart in any other country. For students of poetry, this s a useful learning and reference book.

This book contains an impressive variety of poems, presented in many styles, with each structure broken down and explained. There are examples of narrative, free verse, didactic, lyric, prose, blank verse, allegory and more. For readers who enjoy poetry for its own sake, the compositions by Joree Williams are not only filled with wisdom's and passionate emotion, but you will also find yourself getting lost within many of the pieces. Thoroughly entertaining as well as educational!

19.99 perfect bound 170 pages!




The Compass

The Compass is an anthology of work by friends Raymond Anderson, Warren Brown, Denise DaCosta and Howard Simms. Their words are often raw and emotional, reflecting many feelings of living on the outside looking in.

Within the book you will feel much pain, sadness and anger. You will also find uplifting passages of love, hope and inspiration. Searching for their way to a safer place they uncover answers to the difficult questions we face in life.

Let The Compass be your shining light and guide to finding your own way home. Raymond Anderson is also the author of the amazing book "Alone in a Crowd"

Price: C$18.99





Golden One Catherine Bowman Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing book about Ishtar temple goddess







Golden One is the first novel by Catherine Bowman, noted author of books on crystal healing and universal energies. This book reads like a screenplay, it is so rich in imagery and elaborate storyline. You will be reading this one non-stop from cover to cover.
Click the cover for more...


My Journey Through Life Love and Passion

by Leokadia Durmaj


Being a romantic by heart Lee says:

"I get great joy when writing about the precious gift of Love. I do hope you enjoy this recounting of my life.

May it bring a smile or even a tear but most of all may it capture the love and passion that is in your heart."

Lee writes poetic love stories, about everything that has touched her, trying to capture all her hopes and dreams and past memories of family and friends.

So take a walk with Lee and enjoy the romantic tones and rhythmic verse of her journey through life, love and passion. I am happy to have taken this journey and you will be too,,,,Kenneth William Cowle

Regularly: C$18.99
On Sale: C$15.19

Click Book Cover to Order











Wandering Through Paradise

by S.D.McDaniel

Wandering Through Paradise by SD McDaniel buy your copy today..



Fairy Tales&Mermaids

by Marne Sayre

Fairy Tales & Mrmaids by Marne Sayre check out poems and Art by Marne




Poetic Thoughts

by Joree Williams




Where Darkness Reigns

by Michael J Hawks





Raven's Way


Kerry L Marzock


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Members Showcase
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Here's where we showcase our poets and some of their poems.











We Remember One of Our Family:
Ralph Zimmer

(click pic)

Poet Ralph Zimmer Memorial, an acrostic King,and friend to so many, you will be touched by Ralphs poetry. help keep the spirit of Ralph alive, check his poetry out at The Soul Asylum Poetry Playground

Image provided by Asa Gao





In Loving Memory

Scott James Galinis

Son of Carole Cookie Arnold

Please click image for memorial






Observations by Ronnie Enoch "Godschild" at soulasylumpoetry.com

by Ronnie Enoch

Ronnie hopes that this book will touch others and perhaps help someone within their own journey through life. With the hope of changing the world through God’s Word & Ronnie’s eyes.

“Ronnie Enoch is, without a doubt, one of the most gifted and highly anointed Christian Poets on earth. Thank you so much for taking me under your "wings" and assisting me with the publication of the first of which I believe will be many books. You are a brilliant Christian Poet with timeless pieces which transcend cultures, ages, denominations, genders, and classes. I count myself blessed and highly favored to be one of your protégés. Continue to keep your hand in the Master’s hand and let Him take you all the way! Keep it real and tell it like it is!”

Christian Author Mary J. Parker

Price: C$18.99 CAD Click Book Image to Purchase!





Thank you to all of the wonderful people who make this happen, all of the members of Soul and all of our sponsors!




Cosmo Music a supporter of Poetry, Music, and Artists,, and Soul Asylum Poetry,,,






My Walk With Jesus

by Christina R Jussaume

"Enjoy the beauty of rose gardens and magnificent sunsets as I bring them all to life within my poems."

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Margaret Hefferman has produced a promotional trailer for her children's adventure book - The Mysterious Door.
The Bookstore and Boutique is pleased to have authors like Margaret giving a lively peak at the contents of their books.
The illustrations of The Mysterious Door were created by Nicole Wallace.

The Mysterious Door for sale online.







To Listen To Shows Every Tuesday and Sunday
Click the Whistle Logo!

The Asylum for Your Soul Hour, on Whistle Radio produced by Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing

To listen from the radio station site, click on the Whistle Radio logo. Then on their site, click on the Listen Live link; top left corner of the page, and follow the

application to listen using your    Media Player!


Tuesdays on www.whistleradio.ca



A Remembrance Day Special ...
"Unpaid Bills! "

By popular demand, this show is preserved for easy access by following this link -

I Cry - by Taylor Munn, age 13

 This show is a touching tribute to our brave men and women who brave the horrors of war, and protect us from the evils of this world. We will also be praying for our soldiers safety and for peace. Please come join us in prayer....

The Poets: Ralph Zimmer, Helen McManus, Donna Lynn Tanner, Alice Stevens, Kathleen Charnes Zvetkoff, Christopher Vaughan, Leila Cowles, Jim Davis, Joe Birdies, Lou Lenhart, Touch of Magic, Barbara Fidler, Bill Smidtt, Marize, Sue Battle, Carole Cookie Arnold, Antoinette Johnson, Poetry1, SaintSinner, Nan DeNoyer,and many many more!

The Musicians:Bob Dylan, Daryl Worley, Josh Gracin, Irish Tenors, U2, Tim McGraw, Buffalo Springfield, Buffy Saint Marie, Beatles, Declan Galbraith, 48th Highlanders, and many many more!


If you have trouble tuning in tonight please feel free to call 905-722-7743 and we will help walk you through the plugin for windows media... enjoy the show and blessings from all of us at Soul!

Tune in Tuesdays 9-11 PM and Sundays 1-3 AM

Tune in! Click the button below to listen to Whistle live. Tuesdays at 9 pm-11 pm and Sundays 1 am-3 am EST

The Asylum for Your Soul Show!



‘The Dark Road From Romarong’ contains the translations (from Krio to English) of the lyrics featured in Freddy Will’s™ accompanying album, ‘Dark Horse From Romarong …a city of kings.’ Freddy Will recorded the entire album in the Krio language, which is one of the main fourteen languages spoken in Sierra Leone today.

6x9 Perfect bound

Price: C$19.99




Another Fantastic Release!

by Author..Kerry L Marzock!



By popular demand - the show we recorded live in PA at East Coast Studios is available HERE
Originally aired December 2008

Our shows air twice a week on WhiStle Radio

Listen Live Every Tuesday Night 9pm - 11 pm est

And Every Sunday Morning at 1 am to 3 am est

Two hours of poetry, short stories, interviews, and music showcasing independent writers and musicians

Some incredible talent coming your way so tune in online at Whistle Radio - CIWS, and on the FM dial at 102.7 within local range of Stouffville, Ontario.

Listen to the original

Soul Asylum Radio Theme Shows.
Click the image below for Show #5


Faith's battle with cancer ended on 11~2~2008. She got the angel wings she deserves. She touched so many lives and taught us all about strength. Rest in peace Faith. We love you.












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Contest to win book publishing package here at Soul Aslyum Poetry

Congratulations are in order!!

Yes Our 2007 Contest Winners are now in place!

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Click on the Contest Scroll to see all the winners and prizing details. An Amazing year, with far more entries, and an incredible quality of poems and stories submitted.

 Brand New Photo Gallery! Click the Camera and go to the Soul Asylum Poetry Photo Gallery. You will find images that are for inspiration and for your personal use.






Alone In A Crowd

by Raymond Anderson


A wonderful collection of poetry,

Deep metaphorical, a must!











Contact Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing

If you have any questions about publishing a book, be it Poetry, a Novel, a Children's book, Historical Book or How to Book, or if you would like to become a member of our poetry playground, and do not know where to begin, please feel free to call
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and we would be happy to assist you.

Thank you to these companies for their generosity:

Best Buy Newmarket, a supporter of Soul Asylum Poetry

Connors Music, sharing poetry and music together,, thank you Connors Music





Jesus is Everything!


Author Aileen Deane

If you have young children you wish to introduce to the teachings of Jesus through scripture, this book is full of bible quotes and colourful images that are suitable for young ages.
The readings are presented in an alphabetical order (A to Z) that helps the young ones with memorizing the key words that inspire the author’s choice of scriptures.

Format: 8.5 x 11, colour, Perfect Bound

ISBN: 978-0-97812160-7-2

Price: C$15.99





Victim Victorious!!

Antoinette Denise Johnson

"Victim Victorious"

by Antoinette Denise Johnson

This is a powerful book of prose and poetry! Real life issues, real life wisdom's, and emotions! This book will grab a hold of you and will not let go! If you have gone through difficult times, or are going through them, this book may help you through those difficult times!

Antoinette was our 2007 poetry contest winner, with hundreds of poems entered. The power of emotion is what swayed the judges! Look for this book to Release in the next few days!





Look for this Another Great Release Coming in October!

"Eccentricity at it's Best"

Jonathan Danyali

Store Link Coming Soon!





Another Great New Release!!

Ballad of a Wanderer

Kevin Reed

Click on the book to order!





Brand New from the author of

Wandering Through Paradise comes...

Stellar The Fallen Star!

SD McDaniel

Illustrations by M.E.Palmatier

Click on the book to order!



Brand New!!!

From the Basement of the

Cranium City Library


Melinda Worland!!!


Melinda Worland Soul Asylum Poetry



Our Journey On Earth

Escorted By Angels


Pauline Beaulieu


To become a member is an easy process. You must register and then be sure to verify your registration via the email you will recieve at the email address you provide for registration! Call Ken at 905-722-7743 if you need assistance!


Give a Miracle a Chance

Give a Miracle a Chance (G.A.M.E.) is a registered charity that assists the children and their families that live daily with the challenges of Cerebral Palsy.

SOUL ASYLUM is proud to support G.A.M.E.
For more information click the G.A.M.E. logo or





Join the Healthy Food for thought page on myspace!

Click on the image below and check out the wonderful work this group does to help others around the world

Get involved and give


Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing and DoubleK Records is proud to announce...

our newest musicians to be signed with DoubleK Records...






Freddy Will

Freddy Will is an American rapper, producer, song/screenwriter and author born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and raised in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. His early years were spent playing guitar in church and re-writing Bible stories into plays for his local theatre. During the civil war in Liberia in 1989, he was exposed to violence there and he escaped the genocide by defending himself on his journey to Sierra Leone, his country of birth. For years to come, Freddy will be haunted by those experiences...



Luck Brothers

Since the 1980's Tim Gleeson and Art Austin have been performing, writing and recording together to create a unique sound that can be heard on the radio as well as in person throughout the region.

"Mojo In My Coffee," from their debut album Coming Back Home, is often featured on WXPN's blues show.



Rikki Tachman

I'm 21 and I was born in Ogden, UT. I lived there for 12 years then moved to Indiana and I have been here ever since. I've been playing piano since I was 7 and percussion since 6th grade...needless to say music is my life. I started writing songs when I was about 11. I wrote my first song for a play my sister and I had written and haven't been able to stop since then! =D



The Spinning Leaves

Hello! We invite you to become magic yourself and spin up and whiz and glow and take everyone with you in a spinning society change, a heart reaching, a Love revolution! We love mutual empowerment.

We met on October the 15th, 2006 (Barbara's Birthday!) and have been making music ever since.




Nick Flavell

Nick's music is creative, both lyrically and in composition, with upbeat songs about life, love and the need to stand up for one's beliefs. You will enjoy his creativity! Click the image above to view his full profile and listen to his music.



Calling Out Closer

Calling Out Closer: a reliance on what God has done. Throughout the past, the future and the present we trust in His faithfulness. So, as a band, we'll operate under a name but continue to look to the Ancient aonee for inspiration. We hope to see you (young and old) rocking out and worshipping and/or dancing with us at our concerts.







Evro @ Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing

The ever gritty sounds of Evro. High energy in your face, good old fashioned rock! You have to see this band live!




White Island

David (White Island) is a one man show, bringing us Progressive Rock at its best. His first album is filled with love, hate, hope and despair. To view David's full profile and listen to some of his music click his image (above).




Grace Stiles

Grace has been singing since childhood, formally in church and school since age 9, which inspired her love for music. She continued with choral groups  through high school and college and branched out with regular ensemble and solo performances.

This soprano has received classical vocal training for over two years. To view Grace's full profile and listen to a sample of her angelic voice, click the image above.



Every now and then you come accross a band that glows like a candle flickering in the night, with ruby hearts that desire God's fullest potential. Emberlasting takes the stage!ove for music. To view Emberlasting's full profile and listen to a sample of their spiritually uplifting music, click the image above



Kevin Ricci

We had the pleasure of meeting Kevin during a casual visit to Crossroads Coffee House in Roxboro, Pennsylvania. Kevin's music is reminiscent of the lyrical and melodic value of music from Ben Harper. Kevin's lyrics have a depth that reaches into the soul and lingers in the mind for pondering. We are glad that we got the opportunity to see him perform. Keep checking in with us as Kevin's profile will be available soon!




Karina N. O'Rourke is an artist in the truest
sense of the word, the driving force within
Miss O'Rourke's life has been unbridled creativity
and an uncompromising artistic vision.
Influenced by musicians, inspired by emotions,
and encouraged by her parents and immediate
friends, a dream has become a reality.
Affectionately known as AeroGem, this
self-described "old soul with a young spirit",
has lived a nomadic lifestyle within four continents,
choosing to make Canada her permanent home.

Pre-Order your Copy today!

Click book below!


More New

Music Profiles!!!

For a full list of profiles click the artists profiles button at top right of this page!


A book for Charity!

For Every Man

by The Inner Circle of Poets,

Poetic Knights

A book To Raise Money for Prostate Cancer!





Brokenwing The Faerie

Brokenwing The Faerie at Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Double K Records Leslie Ann Lindsay Elleanor Thorel...

Story and concept by U.S. author Leslie Ann Lindsay Illustrations by Canadian Artist Eleanor Thorel

Follow Brokenwing on her journey for acceptance in a special land of fun and wonderful characters. Brokenwing does not feel like she fits in with her own kind but finds new friendships that bring her lessons of sharing and courage. Young children will enjoy this story told in rhyme.

Be sure to buy your copy of Brokenwing with all of her adventure, in full color, brought to life within!

8.5" X 8.5" 40 pages, full color. Suggested retail price $19.99 here at Soul only $15.99!







While I am Still Young The Talking Drums CD link





Package book and cd link

Also look for an upcoming Asylum for Your Soul show highlighting Freddy Will his book and Cd, with an interview and live performance from FreddY!





Soul Asylum is pleased

to be working along
with our friends at



piknclik profiles and promotes independent musicians and networks with Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing


Together we are networking to promote
independent artists from around the globe.





Other Great Musicians!

Click on the image to view profiles!


Without End


Secret Of The Covenant

by Daneen Dustin & William Brady

Now Available for Sale!

    At a time when gods vied for domination over earth, the balance of power is upset and mortals become involved in the fray. A warrior princess travels through kingdoms and barrens in a quest that summons magnificent allies to her cause. For the Fantasy action lover this is a must. Click cover image for more details and to purchase your copy today!

Talented Illustrator
Keith McMurren

The Enchanted Doorway – Kathleen Zvetkoff

The Enchanted Doorway

by Kathleen Charnes Zvetkoff

Journey through new worlds from the mind of Kathleen Charnes Zvetkoff. Sure to please all ages, taking you through the land of Willowby and the Willy the Monkey series, you will find moments of laughter and joy, and sometimes tears.

120 pages, perfect bound $17.99

Artist and Art at Soul Aslyum Poetry, international poetry society

Art by Marne Sayre

Harold Can't Stand to be Alone by Kenneth William Cowle and Andrew Dorland, Childrens books at Soul Asylum Poetry

Harold Can't Stand to be Alone

Written by Kenneth William Cowle
Illustrated by Andrew Dorland

A beautifully illustrated Children's book telling the story of poor Harold, the family dog who has been left home alone for the day. What kind of trouble can poor Harold get into?

A great gift idea for those kids in your life...

1-copy $14.95 CAD or 2-copies for $19.99 CAD

8.5" X 11" full color

Art By Embee

Check out our Newest Members Showcase

Art by StormyMoonWind




Brand New Release!!

Tehran Tales

by Mojgan Imani Roshanagh

Mojgan Imani Roshanagh is from Terhan, Iran, and this is Mojgan’s first published book. An aspiring poet and novelist, with a soft touch, and beautiful stroke of the pen. Born March 1964 , in Ardebil, Azarbayjan Province, moved to Tehran when she was three. Mojgan finished high school when she was 16 and it coincided with the 1979 revolution which caused the closure of universities for 4 years in order to make a cultural revolution as well.





Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.