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Volume 2, Issue 5 — June 21st, 2007



Summer is officially here!!!!

Now that summer is upon us, there will be more time and better weather to get out and have some fun!! Lots of books coming up for release as well making for great reading while sitting out on the porch, by the lake, or at the cottage on those rainy days, smiles...


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Joree Williams: our dear friend and Sister in poetry is having back surgery this monday June 25th, the surgery will take at least 6 hours, and Joree will have extra staff in the room just to be safe. This surgery we are hoping will help to straighten Joree's back and take away the severe pain she has been suffering. The surgery comes with some serious risk so please send your prayers and love to Joree, so she knows we are all pulling for her. Joree's husband Joe will be taking calls next week so if you would like to call to see how Joree is doing I know she would like that...


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Contest to win book publishing package here at Soul Aslyum Poetry

Our Next

Site Get Together...

Thursday June 28th

Come to the chat room and get to know each other,, a fun time where we can share ideas and poetry and little bits about ourselves,,All members and registered members welcome to join in,,,


The Soul Radio Show!

Click Below for our Fathers Day Show

lots of great poetry, from our members, music, and more,,,

The Soul, Radio show. We at Soul asylum poetry would love to share music and poetry,and books, with you, listen to poetry, and excerpts from novels and more.. Free Radio while you browse the net...

Our first ever podcast went wonderfully thanks to the help of all involved. From Charles Ross, to Allan Brown with sound and editing, to Sue Geno for her beautiful readings, and to all the writers, poets, and musicians, for providing the wonderful entertainment....If anyone has recorded poetry they would like to share, or some poetry, news, please contact Ken at or phone 1-866-902-6655 and we will add you to our show,,,

Our upcoming show to air just after Canada Day and July 4th, holidays will be an extended version show, a little more show this time around. Music from the 60's through the 80's as well as lots of poetry and stories...If you have a poem or story you would like read on the show please send them in ,,,


Welcome Our newest members!!!!!



Pat Mews



Elmer Fudd

Pat Simpson







Sisao 359




Even if not on the welcoming committee, why not welcome each new member with a welcoming message and review? It will put a smile in their hearts.

..if we have missed any of our New members

please forgive us, the growth this last few months has been great, thank you all for your support...Blessings, Ken



Members Profiles - check out our Artist profiles,,Authors, and Musicians by clicking Artist profiles from the playground and front page - see our newest profiles by clicking on a name below...

Kathleen Long

Lucky 90250

Emilia Nikola Young



Pat Simpson

Carolyn Southworth

Jill Curry aka Mizclaws

Arlene Rash



Eck & Lady Kami



Yvonne Marie Crain

Richard Rousay

Madalyn McKnight Stanford


If anyone would like a profile please let us know,,,,

Something New

at the Asylum,,,

Weekly Poetry Contest...Workshop fun, Found Poetry, create a poem from scrambled stories articles to win monthly showcasing and quarterly prizes!!!  The new forum is now open.. Sponsored by Soul Asylum Poetry... Managed by Joree Williams and Ken Cowle

Consign your book to our bookstore..

Have you published a book in the past would you like to sell your book through our bookstore than give us a call and we will set up terms to get your book in...Toll free 1-866-902-6655 or email Ken at

We apologize for the delay in setting up all the titles to our store

coming soon, on consignment. .


Quest for the Troll Queen by Rick Rousay (Rickarou1)

is now available in our store

Southern Reflections by Madalyn McKnight Stanford

is now available in our store

My Walk With Jesus by (Crj147) Christina R Jussaume

Stock to arrive in just a few days


and many more...




Artists of Soul

Art By Andrew Dorland

Click to see profile

stormymoonwind..aka..Dee Bolden profile at read poems at Soul Asylum Poetry

Art By StormyMoonWind

Click to see Profile

Art By Lady Kami can be found in

" When I Grow Up" by Robert Hewett Sr.

Click to see profile

Soul Asylum Poetry is Proud to Announce

our New Releases!!

Nine Clouds To Heaven

by Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson

Clouds float in and out of the sky, just like they do in our lives,

But no matter whether misty, heavy and black,

the sun is always shining above,

Symbolically we must weather the clouds,

be they light and misty or heavy and black,

For they are part of life and it is through fighting

the heartache and pain with loving faith,

That we grow to be nearer God and the light above…

Even on the darkest days the sun is still shining there above,

like God’s love for you … So ride the clouds,

till you’ve risen above them, then you’ll be in God’s light of love!

These poetic words will help show the way….


When Pat became a spiritual healer and healing tutor for her local

church, she first got her inspirations for writing poetry.

Pat believed prayer helped very much and that all the poetic words

she has written were truly inspired. Now with them being in print

she hopes they help and guide others.

188 pages perfect bound, 8.5"x5.5"

$19.99 CAD

click the book to order your copy today!!!

Nine Coulds To Heaven, Patricia Ann Farnsworth Simpson

cover image and inside art by Pat Simpson

To See Pats Profile click here!

Books Now Available!!

Through our consignment program, we are happy to announce the addition of two more books to our store!

Quest for the Troll Queen

by Richard A Rousay II (Rickarou1)

Click Book To Order

 The Quest for the Troll Queen is delightful, action packed fantasy for the entire family. Matthew stumbles across a hidden cave and enters to get out of the rain. There he meets the Troll Queen, (a dragon in disguise) and is sent on a quest to help battle an evil sorcerer and return the Troll Queen to power. Along the way he is befriended by Cleo, the Troll Queen’s daughter; and Squeekers, a talking squirrel.

 The trio journey from adventure to adventure, meeting many friends and enemies along the way. Staying just ahead of evil, Matthew realizes that there is much more to himself than ever imagined, and with the help of friends he is able to find the magic hidden deep within himself.

Southern Reflections

by Madalyn McKnight Stanford...aka..Elmer Fudd

ckick book to order

About The Book

Life in all its dimensions is a story to be told and busyness detracts from the telling.

There is an ever-growing movement of journaling, scrapbooking and blogging, reminiscent of children sitting at the knee of elders to hear repeated, the story of their preceding generations. It is pictures crudely rendered on cave walls.

In my genealogy research I was ecstatic to find a story to go with the facts of an ancestor's life, putting flesh on those spare bones. It’s all a part of extending our lives and influence into future generations. It’s the pain that was segregation. It’s support and guidance of loving parents. It’s loved ones that went wrong. It’s the toll of wars. It’s the assassination of a President. It’s dreams we’ve had and pets we’ve loved and feelings. How we felt about everything that transpired in our lives.

It's about sharing our lives with everyone we've met along the way.

If you’re looking for writing like Dan Brown, James Patterson or Barbara Kingsolver you will be disappointed. This is a work of Prose, Poetry and Essay.

If you seek a touch of deceased humorist and journalist Erma Bombeck, combined with a touch of the earthiness of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author, Rick Bragg, you're sure to enjoy the book. Read Southern Reflections for pleasure and a laugh or two.

Look For More Books Coming Soon!

If you have a book you would like to see in our store, please contact Ken at 1-866-902-6655 or

email to

New Release!!!

Now Available !!!

When I Grow Up


Robert Hewett Sr.

Robert Hewett Sr. When I Grow Up, book by Robert at Soul Asylum Poetry

Robert Hewett Sr was born 1n 1933 on a Texas cotton farm. 

  He moved to Oklahoma City at age 14 and entered the U. S Army from there in 1953.

  Robert has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Washburn

University, Topeka, Kansas.   

  Robert spent his career in Government Service and private practices. He is retired and lives, with wife Martha, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  He has six children and 15 grandchildren.  Robert has been writing poetry and short stories for his family and himself since his teen years, but is just now publishing his collection of works.  His hobbies include clock and watch collections, gardening and growing flowers and shrubs from cuttings.  Most of his poetry tells a story, a gift from his father who was a master story teller.

ISBN: 978-0-9781338-7-0

Soft Cover, Perfect Bound

Price: C$17.99 CAD

Books at Soul Asylum Poetry Robert Hewett Sr, with When I Grow Up

"Children understand a lot more than we adults give them credit for knowing.  But one thing doesn’t change, children are honest, truthful and can tell you if they like or dislike anything they come in contact with in their daily life. These poems are meant to bring humor, compassion, and a learning experience through interaction with people, birds and animals. Hopefully, some moral guidance can also be recognized through the events described in these poem. My poems are almost always story poems.  If a child smiles it pleases my heart."

Robert Hewett Sr.



The Enchanted Doorway

by Kathleen Zvetkoff

Enter “The Enchanted Doorway” and journey through several new worlds straight from the mind of Kathleen Zvetkoff. A poetic journey sure to please all ages. Taking you through the land of Willowby, to the Willy the Monkey series, you will find moments of laughter and joy, and sometimes tears. Real life moments delivered in an enchanting fashion.

Now Available! 120 pages Perfect Bound

$17.99 CAD


Dear One, Where Have You Been?

Take this journey with award winning poet Emilia Nikola Young as she brings to life her travels with creative flair and style. She paints uniquely vivid pictures of beautiful lands from around the world. So for those who travel, you may find familiar sights. For those who have not traveled, you can experience these places through Emilia’s words.

“A breathtakingly beautiful experience.”
Kenneth William Cowle – Publisher and Editor

AVAILABLE NOW ! 100 pages,


Dear One Where have you been? by Emilia Nikola Young at Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing


The Magic of the Muse

by D.M.Andre

This is Don’s first collection of poetry. Inside you will find poems that will

not only tickle the funny bone but will touch your heart and soul. They

run from elegant and enchanting, through real life pain and sorrow to the

humorous. You will find your journey to be very entertaining as well as

fulfilling. We at Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing are looking forward

to the next collection from Magic of the Muse this up and coming poet.

Ken Cowle, Publisher.

to order your copy today click on book!

(134 pages,perfect bound, $19.99 CAD)



Harold Can't Stand To Be Alone

Story by Kenneth William Cowle

Illustrations by Andrew Dorland

Large 8.5" X 11"  full color Layout.

Available now for $14.95 Canadian, or 2 for $19.99

A beautifully illustrated Children's book telling the humorous story of poor Harold, the family dog who has been left home alone for the day. What kind of trouble can poor Harold get into? What kind of fears will arise, follow Harold through his day, and look for more Harold Adventures to come soon.

Big bold lettering and larger than life color illustrations makes

this a great early reader book,,Your kids are sure to love Harold!


Joree Williams first book

Poetic Thoughts

Available Now!!

(19.99 CAD 17.99 USD 145 Pages)

Poetic Joree Williams

Poetic Thoughts by Joree Williams is a wise and whimsical journey

that gives many answers to life's eternal questions. Joree is a long time member of Soul Asylum Poetry and is also one of our workshop teachers, and you will find many different styles of poetry within her collection.

Not Only will you learn more about poetry you are sure to learn a little more about yourself after reading Poetic Thoughts.

-Kenneth William Cowle

Click Here to Get Your Copy Of Poetic Thoughts Today!

Help Support our writers buy direct from Soul Asylum Poetry!


Now Available in our bookstore!!!!

Books by Spiritsong aka Dee Anne Blades

titles available..

The Native American Spiritsong

A Native American Saga

This is a book of poetry which is a novel about the Native American Family and the White family that combined into a functional group. It started with a great love, then a disappearance, another great love, and the consequences for all of them. Ancient Woman and Brother Wolf have helped me write this Saga from day one.

I am a middle-aged woman who loves to write. I write poetry daily, at all times of the day or night. I never know when the urge to write is going to hit, so I have my computer by my bed. I’ve been writing since I was 14 and don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

122 pages, perfect bound.

titles also available

Poetry from the Heart...Dee Anne Blades

My Poetry Garden..Dee Anne Blades


More Titles coming soon!!

Books To Be Released In The Next Two Weeks!

Our 2006 contest winner Donna Lynn Tanner and her first book....

Patches of Life

by Donna Lynn Tanner

Patches of Life at Soul Asylum Poetry Donna Lynn Tanner


Our 2006 contest runner up

Carole Cookie Arnold with....

Chocolate Fences

by Carole Cookie Arnold

Chocolate Fences by Carole Cookie Arnold,

cover design by Carole Arnold

Look for more New Releases coming Soon!

Snapshots... a Blonde View

by Daveda Gruber

Daveda is a woman, wife, mother and poet.
This book is full of snapshots from her life, told
in rhyme. Daveda’s love of life comes shining
through, whether she is sharing absurd anecdotes
of domestic life, or recounting very personal
episodes that would bring many people to despair.

One thing is for certain, she can laugh at herself
on this trip through time, and she invites you to
come along for the ride. A ride you will not soon forget, so strap yourself in and fly away with Daveda.....

The Lucky Grub Book

for the Children of Sick Kids

in co-operation with Pat Simpson

and the writers of Soul Asylum Poetry.


Coming soon from the bestselling author of the book Crystal Awareness now comes a Novel to excite your senses and your soul..

The Golden One

A Novel

by Catherine Bowman

More to come soon about Catherine and her previous publications!

Widowed Dreams

by Helen McManus

The Secret Of The Covenant

a Novel by Daneen Dustin & William Brady

Harold Finds A Friend

by Kenneth William Cowle & Andrew Dorland

Alone In A Crowd by Raymond Anderson

Members of Soul Asylum Poetry...

We are proud to announce the production of Two New books through

Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing this year.

We Are Still in need of some short stories and recipes, so if you have a short story or recipe please send to us if you would like it included in either anthology, once enough material is in place release forms will be sent outlining the projects....

The Lucky Grub book is in the first format stage and a message will go out to all that have not yet submitted a release form, Thanks again for all the support you give,


Book one A book of short stories called - The Four Seasons.

Spring we are looking for short stories of love and romance.  Summer stories will be adventure and coming of age, Fall stories will be the mystery category, and Winter of the scary, horror genre. All members interested in being in this book should contact us, send us your story and the season in which it comes under. We will be giving more time to all of you to submit for the short story book, expecting

to release this one Summer of 2007,, We will need all stories by the end of April 2007

Book two   A book of recipes!  This book will take a little coordination, so please look up on the volunteer list to put your name down!  Please send all submissions to  After the recipes and pictures are gathered, we will have more information on the number of pages, style and price. We are hoping to have everything in for summer so a fall release is planned.......

Book Three   Pat Simpson's Challenge to write a children's story, which will become a book to raise money for The Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto,, if you are interested please contact Pat Simpson as she is looking after organizing the stories for this project,,expected release end of 2007, January 2008.....A Soul Asylum Poetry Production.

Thanks to the wonderful work of Pat Simpson we are well ahead of the scheduled release date for The Children's Book for Sick Kids Hospital.

"The Lucky Grub Book" is ready to format, the cover design provided by pat Simpson, is just perfect. Thank you to all the poets who provided stories for this book. Release forms will be sent towards the end of this week, May 5th, 2007, you should receive them by. Please sign the release forms and send them back, the forms state that you keep all rights to your work, and we have only your permission to use the poems in this book. Thank you once again, and look for those forms to fill!

If you have any questions please contact

toll free 1-866-902-6655 ask for Ken.

Thank you and Blessings, Kenny

Last years anthology, a first for the members of Soul Asylum, is now one of our best sellers!!!  Congratulations!!!


It is now available in Hard Cover Edition!

$24.95 CAD, Hard Cover Laminate. All Authors in the book will still receive their discount of 45% off the suggested retail price!

The Best of Soul Asylum Poetry..

by the Poets of the poets of the Asylum.

Whispering Souls



The Authors

Carole Cookie Arnold
D.M. Andre
Leslie Arbogast
Sue Battle
Bob L. Bowen
Shirley Rose Brantman
Joan Bray
Kenneth William Cowle
Catherine Eskew
Pamela P. Fuller
C.H. Grocock
Joe Hartman
Apryl L. Huggins
Betty Louise Keck
Mary Lou Lenhart
Kathleen Long
Anna Lee Lott
SD McDaniel
Helen Michele McManus
Kerry L Marzock
Carole Nelson Sager
Denyell Nichole Pierce
Margaret B. Poole
Richard A Rousay II
Diana K Nichols
Nanci Rubin
Rose Haddix
Randall S. Ramos
George Anne Smith
Mary Lou Sokol
Donna Tanner
Jessie Tanner
Ruth Lee
Jim Davis
Pamela J. Tennant
Marne Sayre
Christopher Vaughan
Joree Williams
Emilia Nikola Young
Sheri Celada
Alice Stevens
Bryan Shumway
Richard A. McShan
Mary Moufferrige
Kathleen Zvetkoff


Now Available in Hard Cover!!


Our Top Posters for the Month of May!!

Rebel Jo

Pat Simpson

Lucky 90250




Bob Bowling






Next month, July, we will be giving away some golf shirts, to our most active members, thanks again for all your support, and great poetry.


This Month, 6514 visitors to the site, 385 new visitors this month.


Popular pages, showcase,

bookstore, profile pages. Contest Pages,,,and....

Press Release, and the Playground....

We also would like to let you all know that Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing printed more than 3000 books last year between Author sales and copies and bookstore sales,,,,A wonderful first year,,,, and we know this number will grow,,,,,,,


Volunteer Sign Up.

Volunteers for moderating site night get together – coordinating groups and topics

Marketing strategies - volunteers needed!


Membership drives - volunteers needed!

Welcoming Committee - Please contact Rebel Jo.  So far we have:  Joree, Lady Longfellow, YohYoh, Bethie, Lassiebaby and Rebel Jo.  If  I've left off anyone's name, please let us know!!  We still need more people.

Coordinating recipes (types of dishes) so we have a large assortment of different recipes and different sections (BBQ, deserts, soups, casseroles, appetizers, salads, etc so we don’t get too many in the same categories).  Please send your recipes to Marne via

Special announcement !!

Click Here!!

New Playground


Please click image for

Ralph Zimmer Memorial

   Poet Ralph Zimmer Memorial, an acrostic King,and friend to so many, you will be touched by Ralphs poetry. help keep the spirit of Ralph alive, check his poetry out at The Soul Asylum Poetry Playground      

Image provided by Asa Gao


Memorial Page for HotCajunMoon - Glenda LegerMEMORIAL PAGE
(Glenda Leger)

Please click the pic and leave your thoughts in the linked Challenges thread.


Memorial Page


Tami Ann Nelson

beloved daughter

of Cari Nelson(Texasgal)

click the picture below


Dee Anne Blades



click image below.

Dee Anne Blades Memorial



*Share a Prayer*


Please keep the following poets

in your thoughts and prayers:


I would like to add a prayer of love and goodwill for all our members here at Soul Asylum Poetry


There is unbelievable power in prayer.

Shaunmom please continue to keep Leslie in your prayers, having a tough time with health, and getting her disibility, drop Leslie a line so she will know you are praying..


Lassiebaby Lassiebaby is out of the hospital but still having a tough time breathing. Please, pray for her recovery from her medical conditions.   


DSpiritsong was hospitalized with heart problems. She is still very weak and needs our prayers.


Texasgal is having heart rhythms problems and her knee from her surgery is infected and now has a build up of liquid in the knee; it is very painful.


Nanci Rubin needs prayers to give her the extra strength to care for her Mom whose Alzheimer’s is getting worse; Nanci’s love and devotion are beyond compare.


Anklescar’s health problems need our vigilant prayers.


Cookie Arnold needs our prayers for her continuing serious illnesses.


Mardy is still recovering from her back surgery


GeorgeAnne is still on her recovering from her knee surgery but I am happy to report doing very well.



Patsimpson’s husband is home from the hospital needing our prayers for his continued improvement.



Wegleswerth is in poor health right now and in the midst of several surgeries.



Rebel Jo’s beloved husband, Jim, needs our prayers as he has been diagnosed with diabetes and learning how to live with that condition is very hard and life changing.


Please pray for Patmews who has a kidney stone. Her recent surgery was not a success. Her doctor is suggesting an open kidney operation. Please, pray for the stone to dissolve.


Please pray for Marne who has taken on the care of her elderly mother. She is still grieving the death of her father and the adjustment is very difficult; she needs prayers to get her through her life right now.  


Joree Williams is in need of our prayers she is still battling low potassium, which can wreak all kinds of havoc on your system, continued prayers for our Sister Joree...

Daneen Dustin: Daneen has just had surgery on her back and will be in recovery for some time, please keep Dannen in your prayers for a quick recovery..

Mizclaws: Mizclaws has been dealing with life issues, and health and our prayers are needed, please send a note of prayer and love Clawsy's way...

Pamibear: Pami has also been dealing with health issues, and prayers for Pami are needed as well, please do keep all our friends and family in your prayers,

Raindance: Please keep our dear poet friend Jim in your prayers as he has been battling some serious health issues as well,

May each day bring easement of their pain and the joy of recovery.

Prayers for a fellow poet from the poets tree and the site, Greybears is very ill and needs our prayers.

May each day bring easement of pain and the joy of recovery


The grace and courage of those needing prayers is truly inspirational




Prayers are needed to ease the pain their loss


For Raindance who lost his dear sister to cancer

May their pain be eased and peace enter their hearts

A talented poet and beloved friend of many, followhim, was in a car accident. Sadly, she and her twins lost their lives. The depth of this tragedy is beyond the capacity for words. Please pray for her family and friends.       

Continued Prayers For the Zimmer family and friends at this time of loss, Ralph will be fondly remembered by all.



A prayer for all members and

their families,..

Ailing Computers!










Just a reminder!

To all new members! Please if you have not sent me your birthday please do so so that I my add you to our list! We would hate to miss your birthday! Please just send it to me via private message! Smiles and hugs! LASSIEBABY













This Bookstore and Boutique is a great way to quickly find and purchase books, merchandise and services directly from SOUL ASYLUM POETRY & PUBLISHING
What will you find?...

• Index
of our participating writers, artists & musicians
• Listings of book titles and merchandise for purchase
• Publishing Packages to suit your book.

• Search
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• Best Sellers, New Titles, Specials, just a click away.






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Purchase your books from Soul Asylum Poetry and put money into the hands of the writers not the distributors!!!

Click the book to see what’s new!!!

Soul Asylum is proud to announce and showcase our newest releases!!  Please

support our fellow poets in their endeavors!

New Book Titles:

Available Now!!

click book to purchase:


Other Great Titles Available!!


Get your copy for only $18.99 CAD

Mist Of The Mountain

by Mary Griffin Frese

Take a journey with Mary Griffin Frese to the Mist of the Mountain. A spiritually uplifting journey, filled with moments of love, humor, and answering some of the tough questions of life. We are sure all who take The journey will be left feeling better about themselves and the journey ahead….Summer release


Get Your Copy Today!!

Hidden Pieces

by The Inner Circle of Poets

(A book to raise money for Autism research.)

 This book is filled with love, and precious

moments. The Homer series was my favorite.




Fairy Tales & Mermaids

by Marne Sayre

This book of poetry is Marne's first, however Marne is currently working on a novel as well. Fairy Tales & Mermaids is a wonderful collection of life experiences written in a magical way, a great addition to any book collection!

Format and Publishing through Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing   


A Lyrical journey Through Life

by Charles Henry Grocock

This is a legacy to Charles Henry Grocock, who passed away prior to realizing his dream to have a book of his own poetry. We are humbled that his son Karl has carried on and brought this collection to us from England to be formatted by Soul Asylum Poetry and have a cover design created by Diana K Nichols.

Published by Soul Asylum Poetry in cooperation with Trafford.
This title is available for sale here and is now released.


Wandering Through

Paradise:musings of a nomad:
by S D McDaniel

(S D McDaniel's first publication, is sure to be an artistic addition to anyone's poetic library! This collection contains twenty years worth of observations, visions and creative works.  Poems written with a rich, robust flavor, one reader describes S D McDaniel's works as

 "delightful.. it's like eating cheesecake!)




A Best Seller!!!

Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing is proud to present!

This is a collection of poems by the talented women of The Inner Circle of Poets. The Beauty Within is a book that raises awareness and money for Breast Cancer Research. Please take a moment to check out these talented and caring writers!

To read more about the group, visit:

Inner Circle of Poets

This book will be sold directly at their Merchandise section


My Poetry Garden:

by Dee Anne Blades

Soon To be Available For Direct Purchase From Soul Asylum Poetry!

This is a rich collection of work taking us to places of beauty and fantasy. Anyone who loves to be swept away will have to add this to their collection.  Dee Ann is several times published and is currently working on a new three book series.

Formatted by Soul Asylum Poetry,
cover art by Diana K


Raven's Way

by Kerry Marzock

( horror novel, must read)

296 pages 6x9 format

24.99 CAD 21.99 USD

( A journey of blood and death, romance and revenge, taking place on the streets of Philadelphia no one is safe.....a must read a must buy!! )

Available in our bookstore Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor Borders, and Ingram.


Now released!!!!

A Bountiful Adventure

by David C Lawton





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Out to Soul Headquarters!!

Soul Asylum Poetry has something Fun to announce. In September, we will be attending the Word On The Street Festival. Since announcing this festival, and our attendance there, a few members decided to come out for a visit, during this time and have booked rooms at The Local Whispering Pines B&B. Arriving September 28th and Leaving on October 2nd, this should be one fun time. All who would like to come out are welcome, check out our links and sponsors page to see The Whispering Pines and what they offer. We will provide rides for as many as we can to and from the airport, and to the festival on the 30th, a day in Toronto, for a giant book fair. Also a BBQ at my place on the Saturday, the 29th. We will plan some dinners, and maybe a show at the live theatre. If you would like to know more please contact me, Ken at

1-866-902-6655 or email Hope to see you out!

We are planning a fun weekend, and a show, more will be posted by July 10th full details, as well as a few more B&B's for our members to choose from....


Click the Frogs for some Easter Poems from our members.

A talented poet and beloved friend, Ralph Zimmer has passed away from cancer. He was an integral part of our lives and our poetry site. A loving man and excellent poet; he was our master of acrostics. The impact of the loss of Ralph is beyond my capacity for words. Please pray for his family and friends. 


There is a challenge by Joree Williams to write an acrostic for Ralph; they will be formatted nicely and sent to his family as a way to honor this loving man and friend.

Ralph will be sorely missed.         





Yahoo!! Rebel Jo has a new bouncing great grandson, James. What joy!!!!


Yippee!!  Our Leila (Red11) has a new computer and will be on site often-we have missed her very much.


Ken will be having a new grandson soon, this will make 5 grandkids to bring smiles,,,,,





by Marne Sayre aka Banshee...

If you have an interesting news Item you would like to share with us, or just some interesting thoughts on the worlds events and writing...please forward your article so we can include it in the next edition..

We have listened to all of our members suggestions and currently we are working hard to come up with some of them for the site...a section for haiku...where a picture will be posted daily for our writers to create from...thanks Vivienne and others for this suggestion..


Thanks to all who help to keep Soul Asylum Poetry together.


Marne Sayre aka Banshee... tutorials .( page editing help)

SD McDaniel Workshops...

Lassiebaby Donna, Birthdays and more...

Helen McManus Newsletter assistance...

Charles Ross Technical site promotions and more...

Joree Williams, Newsletter and workshops...

Shaunmom, Moderating and site support...

Diana K Nichols Cover design artist,,,

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All our Authors,,and Members,,,,,your beauty in poetry art and in who you are is what makes this place Home,,,,,,,,blessings,,,,Kenny


and all of the members of Soul Asylum Poetry who help to make this the best poetry writers site on the internet,and to the Lord for everything,smiles,,Ken Cowle

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Ken Cowle


Something New for Soul Asylum Poetry...

We are now looking into setting up a site for our members to post images,,this way you will be able to pull images to the playground from this new site,, Hopefully we can have something up and running in a month or two at the most,,,









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