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Publishing Packages

We are excited about the response we are getting from authors, wanting to be published through Soul Asylum Poetry. Thank you to our supporters; people who believe we are doing the right thing. The encouragement we are receiving is a tremendous help, and we are growing rapidly...

Soul Asylum Poetry offers a few, easy to understand Publishing Packages. Our idea is to get books printed quickly and economically without sacrificing quality. That means we believe in Publishing on Demand or Print on Demand (POD)

POD is the strategy of printing only the number of books that you need, just before you need them. By that we mean you should carry a small supply of books so your customers are not disappointed while waiting for printing to catch up to their orders. When you are running low or a rush of orders has you short on supply, you tell us to print and deliver more. Simple.

SOUL ASYLUM POETRY does not take a whopping big percentage from the author.
You get a competitive price from us to format, register, print and list your book. We work as hard as we can to market the book directly and bypass unnecessary expenses. Soul Asylum Poetry looks at alternative methods, lean and mean methods, to keep the dollars under control and flowing to the people who are entitled to it.

e Book Special Publishing
Price: C$20.00

Classic Publishing Package
Price: C$999.00

Children's Book Package
Price: C$1199.00

Advanced Distribution & Promotion Package
Price: C$350.00

Book Formatting
Price: C$400.00

Contest Winners Publishing Package
Price: C$1399.00

Make a $100 Payment
Price: C$100.00

Make a $200 Payment
Price: C$200.00

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