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Kerry L Marzock

Mystic Wolf aka.. Kerry L. Marzock
Poet Novelist and member of Soul Asylum Poetry

I am the Mystic Wolf, prowler of your dreams, aka Kerry Marzock in human form. As a young puppy, my father Jaress, leader of our pack, gave me the freedom and even urged me to read voraciously as a human child, which then helped create my undying love of literature and the written word. As soon as I was old enough to begin reading horror and watching scary movies I did so. After all, what is a better genre in literature for a creature from your mystic dreams? My monster of choice was, and still is, the werewolf, though we ourselves are not the beast who haunts your nightmares. I guess there's just something romantic about shifting shapes and running as the beast under a full moon.

My first (and hopefully not last) book of poetry, "A Sea of Emotion", is a sweet recipe made up with a cup of happiness, several tablespoons of love and sensuality, a teaspoon of pain, and just a dash of darkness (well, maybe a few pinches).

I have lived in Philadelphia for over thirty years and I truly love this city, so much so that I have written my first horror novel set totally in this lovely, historic, mysterious city. Raven's Way¯ will hopefully enthrall, frighten and keep you turning page after page, not wanting it to end. And it won™t, since the second novel "Raven's Rage" has been released.

Forever being a hopeless romantic, I certainly know what sadness, confusion, love and curling up with somebody special mean. As a result, I hope you enjoy reading about all my personal feelings in A Sea of Emotion¯, and also feel that my words touch your own heart in such a way that the emotions and tears are yours as well. Remember, when the moon is full, the howl you hear may not always be the lonely, mournful dog in the neighborhood, for the mystic wolf is not only real, but she is part of your dreams as well.

Raven’s Way

Price: C$24.95

Raven’s Way ebook edition

Price: C$7.99

Raven's Rage

Price: C$24.95

Raven's Way and Raven's Rage

Price: C$39.99

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