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The Crystal Grove ebook

by Margaret Hefferman

Margaret Mackay Hefferman, the author of the books Bedtime Treasures¯ and The Mysterious Door¯ has come out with a brand new book for kids. Margaret resides in Ontario, and has been writing children stories under the Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing label for more than 5 years now. She has become one of our fan favorites! You must pick up a copy of this brand new adventure. Look for other titles by this amazing writer!

An excerpt from The Crystal Grove:

How could I have been so stupid? Why would Kyle think I™m special? I™m nobody. He's so hot and the star of the baseball team. I™m just not good enough for him. He's better off with Cindy and Shawna. I don™t fit in with them. I hate my life. It sucks big time.

Emma is having a hard time believing in herself or feeling she is worthy of being liked.

Charlie suggests they go back to the Other-world to find Mystique, Shadow and Ramses to see if they can help her.

The two friends enter the tree only to find they have a new and dangerous enemy in Snark, the yellow tiger.

As they make their way to The Crystal Grove, they will need all of the strength and courage they have to outwit their foes. Their friendship is tried as they discover things about each other that they didn™t know. New friends are introduced who help them reach their destination despite the challenges they face. Finally, they get to the grove. Quan Yin helps them remember Who They Really Are and how to deal with some of the problems they have at home.

ISBN: 978-1-926876-36-8

This is a PDF version, which you will be directed to download after purchase. A link with download instructions will be e-mailed to you. There is a time limit of 24 hours for you to download the eBook after which the download link expires.

Price: C$3.99

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