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Mike Rowbottom was born in Compstall, Cheshire England in 1947. He is the proud father to six children and six grandchildren. Mike has written well over six hundred poems since 1992.

He performs his poetic works in select coffee houses throughout Ontario Aurora, Mount St. Louis Hillsdale, Newmarket & Pefferlaw, to name but a few of the quaint towns.

My interest in poetry wasn™t until my forties. "Poets are the interpretive of dreams. All life is a dream." says Mike.

Thank you to my friends, Writer and Artist & Poet Deborah L.V. Campo. For your friendship, encouragement and beneficent support in your contributions to my poetry book "Dream Catcher"

Mike Rowbottom

Possessing a rare blend of business moxy and a profound sense of community Mike Rowbottom has become the unofficial poet in residence¯.

Late Robert J. Froese

Through Mike's poetry you™ll see he has a depth of perception that penetrates the deepest subjects facing humanity and a humane quality that softens the brittleness that life often offers us.

Jack Flint

We are blessed that Mike Rowbottom chose to put pen to page in mid-life. His verse, with a unique ragged beauty of its own, reveals nature, the human condition, and each of us.

Malcolm Watts

It has been a great pleasure to work on Mikes Dream Catcher poetry book. I have read his inner most thoughts on the pages within and came to understand my friend of many years even more. His brilliance to evoke your emotions will leave you enchanted.

Deborah L. V. Campo


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