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HipHop Kruzade

Wilfred Kanu Jr. aka Freddy Will, released this CD the way he has done each time in the past. Freddy has released a new book to coincide with this CD release! This a beautiful Hard Cover, Case Laminate binding and will look beautiful on anyone’s bookshelf, or coffee table. This is a true telling of the Hip Hop Culture as seen through Freddy’s own experiences and eyes! A must buy for the lover of Hip Hop and for those who would like to know the truth about the culture!!!

Hip Hop Is A Cultured Way Of Life NOT A Felonious Menace!

What is Hip Hop Kulture?

What is the driving force behind its music, slang, fashion, art, cuisine and entrepreneurial spirit? Why are there biases against it? Why is it influential? Is there a generational gap? Do others impose on Hip Hop?

Does playing loud rap music make one a gangster? Does rapping denote a reprobate? Who is a great emcee? What is cultural graffiti? Who are the pioneers DJs and iconic moguls? Are Hip Hop artists mobsters, pimps, and hoodlums? People who listen to rap are fans of Hip Hop, most of all, REAL Hiphoppas live Hip Hop as a Kulture; NOT a fad!

Negative stereotypes about people who live Hip Hop and play loud rap music prove to be a bias far more than a myth. Those who turn to crime do so as a result of social and economic disenfranchisement due to racism, penury, and discrimination. Does Hip Hop lead to radical Kulture?

In a billion dollar global rap industry wherein the lifestyle portrays a culture that has its roots in the inner city and suburban neighborhoods of New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris, how should rap lyrics reflect the living conditions of the people? To avoid coming to a negative conclusion or spread misconceptions about the Kulture and its people one must have accurate education and awareness of its realities.

Before you carry misconceptions about a group of people due to their race, culture or creed. First do all you can to educate yourself properly so as not to falsely accuse... Hip Hop is a civilized way of life, NOT a felonious menace!

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