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Marne Sayre
Poet, Novelist, Screenplay Writer, Artist

Marne Sayre, Profile at Soul Aslum Poetry, look for art by Marne and books by Marne
 To Read some of Marne's poems please click on the link below. Look for Marne's book Fairytales and Mermaids in our bookstore!

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New Release !

Fairy Tales & Mermaids

by Marne Sayre

Click Book to order

Fairy Tales & Mermaids on sale here at www.soulasylumpoetry.com Poetry Art Books and more...

Please check out Marne's first book a collection of beautiful heart felt poetry, a must for anyone's collection. Marne is currently working on a novel "Gypsy Magic" that should be out next June.

Marne is also a wonderful artist from sketches to paintings, she is most cetainly one

very talented lady. Please check out some of Marne's art. Click the pallette below!

Book Review:

"Fairy Tales & Mermaids," by Marne Sayre, is a treasure chest of  wisdom gained by the author  through adversity and joy.


The reader meets Grandpa, Poncho, Pa, Ginger and Pepsi, and her beloved dog Mikey. Each personal poem about the souls who peopled her world is richly sketched with love, understanding and humor.


The author also delves into life's tribulations as poems on pain, abuse, and loneliness are excellently expressed. Her poem, "Voiceless" is a prime example of how through poetry she found her outlet to speak of her sorrows.


The author's love of nature is a recurring theme throughout the book with "Windkiss" being this reader's favorite as it can be enjoyed on many metaphorical levels as well as a beautiful poem of the wind.


Another recurring undercurrent to her life is her personal relationship with God expressed in uplifting and inspiring  poems such as her "Recipe for Faith."  From this deep faith has come her strength to survive. 

 "Fairy Tales & Mermaids," is an apt title as the author in her inner self is still that little girl who believes. With each poem, the reader becomes more of a companion on this journey than an inquiring reader and at the end the reader finds a kindred spirit to call friend. - Joree Williams


 You will also find Marne's poems in Whispering Souls a collection from Soul Asylum Poetry, you will find the poems of many published poets in this book,, Kerry Marzock,,("Ravens Way" ), Marne Sayre, ("Fairy Tales & Mermaids"), Joree Williams ("Poetic Thoughts), SD McDaniel ("Wandering Through Paradise") and many many more,,as well you will find some poems from up and coming authors such as Donna Tanner, Kathleen Zvetkoff, Helen McManus,Emilia Nikola Young, and Jim Davis, there are just too many to mention,,,

Whispering Souls

19.99 CAD

click cover to order

Marne Sayre in Whispering Souls,,,,,

New Art By Marne Click the palette below!

Art by Marne Sayre at the Soul Aslyum Poetry Site,, www.soulasylumpoetry.com, check out Marne's book Fairy Tales & Mermaids

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